Our Campaigns

Uyghur Genocide

Since our launch in 2019, we have interviewed over 20 Uyghurs, running campaigns on the Genocide Amendment and Boycott of the Bejiing Winter Olympics, as well as our Free Ekpar and Find My Family Campaign, which were together seen over 3.5 million times across social media platforms. Our campaigns have been featured in NBC, Foreign Policy and the BBC, as well as many other outlets.  We have also set up a youth-Uyghur pen pal scheme, pairing youth with Uyghurs from across the world to hear their stories and learn from them.

Free Ekpar Campaign

We worked alongside Rayhan Asat, a US based Uyghur Attorney and current Yale World Fellow, to raise awareness about the plight of her brother, Ekpar. We asked people to take photos with a poster of Ekpar to focus on an individual rather than just a statistic. Ekpar was an entrepreneur and philanthropist who took part in the prestigious IVLP programme run by the US State Department (other alumni include Theresa May, Tony Blair and Jacinda Arden). Shortly after returning home to China he stopped communicating with his sister. Rayhan later found out he was detained in one of the notorious prison camps in Xinjiang. Over 200 people took part in our campaign from over 30 countries.

Find My Family Campaign

We helped one of our team members, Dilnaz Kerim, who is an 18 year old Uyghur girl raise awareness about her family who she has been told by the Chinese Embassy in Britain does not exist. We launched our campaign on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme where Dilnaz wrote to the then Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, asking to meek to help her Find My Family. We also released videos on our social media gaining over a million impressions on Twitter and 50 thousand views on TikTok. 

Myanmar/Burma Crisis

Shocked by the lack of awareness on this topic, we decided that between International Human Rights Week (10th December), until the one year anniversary of the military coup on February 1st, we will be releasing weekly videos, looking at how the crisis in Burma has affected: mental health, sexual violence, discrimination, Covid and climate change. We will also look at the history of Burma, highlighting several of the individuals murdered or imprisoned by the military regime. (Picture from video)

Religious Tolerance

Building on the podcasts we recorded on Antisemitism and Anti-Muslim hate, where we interviewed guests such as the Chief Rabbi, Lord Mann, and victims of both anti-Muslim and antisemitic hate crimes, we are collaborating with Media Diversity Institute to produce and deliver workshops in the schools that we attend. We are also creating videos explaining the different religious festivals across the main religions in British society to further promote tolerance and understanding. These too will be shown in schools across the country.

Previous & Minor Campaigns

Afghanistan Crisis

In light of the atrocities that have occurred over the past few months, we are working with several young Afghans to share their harrowing stories.  Combining the passion several of our team members have for poetry with our collective desire to help the many Afghans suffering today, we will be working to create spoken word pieces, detailing their experiences growing up and the change they experienced after the Taliban takeover.

We have spent weeks packaging basic necessities and clothes for Afghan refugees who have migrated to the UK, forced to flee their homes.

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

Burst the Bubble UK are very proud to collaborate with Stolen Dreams, Anti-Slavery International, The Anti-Slavery Collective, UN House Scotland and Yet Again UK to Co-Found the Youth for Freedom Collective. This hopes to be the first national platform in the UK to raise awareness and take action against modern slavery.

Find out more about the Youth For Freedom collective on its website.

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Mental Health

As school students, we have felt the impact of Covid-19 especially hard. In February 2022, it will mark two years since the first recorded Covid case in the UK. Our #BehindTheMask Campaign (starting in February) will highlight how Covid has had a disproportionate impact on young people, with several school students giving testimony about their experiences. We will also create resources on how to help if you, or someone you know, are struggling with their mental health. 

In addition to this, everyone in the Mental Health Team received training on mental health, focusing on an area of their choice.